Five Most Useful Tips for Getting The Best USMLE Scores


Here are the BEST FIVE tips for getting the best USMLE scores

Ability to sit for prolonged hours to read. You can take breaks in between but one should be able to read for several hours without distraction.

Ability to learn in bits and pieces and put them all together in the end. We learn our subject in bits and pieces and finally it all makes sense during revisions.

Ability to be resilient. In simple terms, flexibility. If something does not work out, try an other method to read. If someone is disturbing you, move to a different location and read.

Being able to encourage or motivate yourself. No one can feel the intensity of our preparation that we are going through. It is ok. You can do it all by yourself. Be willing to disappear for a few months to focus on this USMLE journey.

Being lucky to have a mentor. A friend or a brother or a neighbor who can guide you and show the path as to how to do this journey.

There are a few more things that can help but these 5 are very important.

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