Five things that everybody should do right now to get a better score.


1. Sit at a place and think of all the things that are wasting your valuable time and where you can save time to be able to read for more longer time. There is no short cut to success. In general, the more number of hours you read the better score you will get. Every minute saved is worth a few points favorable on your road to success in getting a residency. You have to do some sacrifices for the purpose of getting residency. Friends, social events etc. will always be there again once you get your residency.

2. Clean the desk. By now, you might have filled the space on your reading desk with several sources of books. You have to optimize the number of sources of information for your preparation. Being thorough in the limited number of books that you decide to read is the key to a great score. Also, you should think whether you are able to read to the extent you are willing to. Are there any hindrances or disturbances to your reading? Clean them up and make your reading atmosphere congenial for concentration.

3. Minimize social media preparation. You can ask doubts and be in touch with similar people elsewhere in the world to get better idea about the latest trends in the exam and also to get motivated but do not prepare for the exam on the social media.

4. Find ways to motivate yourself. The key to success in the USMLE exams is to find different ways on a daily basis to motivate your self. Self motivation is the strongest driver of your life to achieve your ambitions.

5. Always, try to talk to those who take the exam before you take them. It gives valuable information and relieves anxiety. Talk to them in person face to face so you get more help. You know what I mean.

There may be more things you can do to get a better score but do these today and you can improve yourself instantly.

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