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InvestingMD collects blog’s visitor’s standard traffic logs automatically generated by the web server and Google Analytics. When you leave a comment or sign-up for our email list, we will then have your email address. But, we won’t sell or voluntarily disclose your email address or personal information to anyone else.

The personally identifiable information collected by our website is from our comment area and sign up forms, where you provide your name and email address to leave a comment or receive a download, newsletter or other emails on updates, giveaways, and or other offers. We collect this information so that we can respond to the comments or questions that you post.

Anonymous Information Collected on this Website: We record anonymous data but you, as the individual user, remain anonymous. The information that we collect from this website is anonymous information, such as the pages you visit, the name of your internet service provider, the website that you used to link to our site, the websites that you visit from our site, and also your IP address. The data is used for statistical purposes and to improve the content of this site as well as compile aggregate statistics about individuals using our site. This helps to improve internal market research.

If you don’t like anything you read above, please do not use the website.

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